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Contemporary design solutions based on environmental, social&cultural activities

Author: THE PLAN
Pages: 240
Language: EN
ISBN: 978 84 16851 72 0
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Architecture in Context analyzes the work of contemporary international architects through projects that exemplify their architectural vision and their connection with the spaces with which they work. It explains how the interaction between architecture and landscape is a pivotal aspect, and it describes the design strategies that architects use to insert buildings into the landscape with minimal environmental impact. Presenting projects of different scales and sizes, from airports to museums, schools, private houses, public buildings, hotels, and industrial sites, this volume offers up a wide array of the most significant architectural projects by the most respected contemporary architects around the world, such as Diller Scodifio + Renfro, Steven Holl Architects, Giancarlo Mazzanti Arquitectos, Neutelings Riedijk Architects, and 3XN.
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