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400 designs in contemporary jewellery

Pages: 240
Language: EN
ISBN: 978 84 16504 08 4
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Conceived by man before writing, necklaces are the most ancient form of jewellery, a cultural expression present in all civilisations. For the last 75.000 years, their shapes and materials have changed enormously; their meaning, not so much. A necklace symbolises power and wealth, but also spirituality, belonging, love, and protection from evil. New Necklaces showcases the current trends in contemporary jewellerythrough the works created by 180 artists from 40 countries and a wide variety of styles, from classic forms and materials to the most audacious and surprising ideas. And, as their predecessors in history, each one of the more than 400 creations included in this book is unique and relates strongly to today’s social, cultural andartistic reality. Curated by jeweller and editor Nicolas Estrada, author of bestsellers New Rings and New Earrings. With prefaces by Julia Wild and Leo Caballero.
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