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Three hundred and sixty five calendar designs with a twist

Pages: 368
Language: EN, ES
ISBN: 978 84 15967 96 5
Price 49,00 EUR
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Ever wondered how different the world will be without calendars? Try arranging meetings with your colleagues, or even remembering the anniversaries and birthdays of your loved ones, or try booking your next vacation withoutthe calendar or any form of date and time. Thinking back, we are truly grateful to renowned historians, astronomers and kings (yes, kings) for giving us the humble calendar that we so rely on today. In this showcase of great calendar designs, 365 Calendars will provide a good selection of examples that offers a unique and innovative touch to one of the most traditional of products—the calendar.  This collection offers uniquely-designed calendars by designers and studios such as Kenji Yano, Masaaki Kimura, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, "Sonner, Vallee u. Partner", Massachusetts College of Art and Design and many more.
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