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Pictograms / ideograms / signs for utility, usefulness and pleasure

Pages: 224 - Illustrations: 1.350
Language: EN, ES, FR
ISBN: 978 84 15967 78 1
Price 19,95 EUR (Approx.)
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Iconicity is the similarity or analogy between the form of a sign and its meaning. This book is an instrument of communication and representation that reveals a creative reading of the world through different figurative and abstract signs, pictographic textures and recurring designs. Through a collection of ordinary images of daily life, this highly visual book urges us to challenge our perception of the world around us and analyze our everyday experiences. An outstanding compilation of more than 1350 illustrative pictograms, symbols, ideograms and logos, designed by LSDspace. This book serves as a valuable graphic archive, a working tool and source of inspiration for designers and image makers. It also contains a copyright free CD containing the images in EPS vector format. With an introductory text by Yukio Ota, a foreword by Félix Beltrán and an introduction by Aaron Marcus.
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